Formale Methoden und Deduktion
Prof. Dr. J. Avenhaus

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Ulrich Kühler: Teaching Related Activities

Lectures: SS 98: Introduction to Logic and the Correctness of Programs
WS 97/98: Automata, Formal Languages, Computability
SS 97: Rewrite Systems II
WS 96/97: Rewrite Systems I
SS 96: Rewrite Systems II
WS 95/96: Rewrite Systems I
SS 95: Rewrite Systems II
WS 94/95: Rewrite Systems I
WS 93/94: Automata, Formal Languages, Computability
SS 93: Rewrite Systems II
WS 92/93: Rewrite Systems I
SS 92: Introduction to FORTRAN
Seminars: WS 94/95: Specification Methods for Distributed Systems
WS 92/93: Intuitionistic and Linear Logic
Proseminars: WS 93/94: Foundations of Logic Programming

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